Useful Info - Paddy View Villa

  • Airport Fast Tract Service

    Proceeding your Immigration clearance without queuing and you just need to waiting at luggage conveyor. All process will be done by the Airport team, You will be escorted to exit the arrival terminal passing Customs clearance and meet your driver who will take you to the hotel. The above service can be arranged with additional …

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  • Visa On Arrival

    VOA arrival costs US$25/person for 30 days, there is no longer a visa available valid for 7 days. Processing is relatively fast in Bali. The 30 day visa may be extended for a further 30 days by paying an additional US$25. You will have to leave Indonesia and return if you wish to stay longer than 60 …

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  • Best Time To Travel

    Bali is located only 375km south of equator. Thus, Balinese weather is tropical to say the least – reliably hot and sunny. Days are almost always 12 hours long. Bali’s tropical monsoon climate has two distinct seasons : drya (from April to October ) and wet (from November to March). May, June and July are …

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